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Aurum Potable (Oil of Gold, 5mls).

Aurum Potable (Oil of Gold, 5mls).


Sol invictus! This product is prepared using traditional alchemical methods and tested for purity. Here at the Temple of Mercury our product is a true extract of the soul/colour/tinct of the metal, also traditionally in alchemy called an "oil of gold" because of it's oily appearance. There is no actual gold present in this product (NOT a colloidal), nor is this a "vibrational" extract as found in many common new-age essences. What you can see in the colour is the medicinal profile of the gold in liquid form. Our aurum potable, is a product produced through a catalytic reaction of gold with a special alchemical menstruum (solvent) that transfers the energy and information of the precious metal into a digestable form. This formulation is from an ancient alchemical text from 8th century Arabia by Khalid Ibn Yazid. Prized by ancient Egyptians for developing the astral body for use in spiritual practice, the oil of gold is traditionally used as a warming, vitality sacrament.


To learn more about the oil of gold and how it is prepared, click here.

Traditional Hermetic Correspondences of the Formula 

Key words: vitality, energy, courage, optimism, clarity, positivity, direction, strength, fortification, resilience, awareness. Alchemical correspondences of gold: the sun, the heart, the colour gold, the first and final (higher octave) note of a musical scale, vitality, Tiphareth on the tree of life, the astral body.  


In Hermetic practice it is traditionally taken one drop per day with wine, or added to any drink (water, tea etc.). This 5ml bottle contains 30-60 drops, depending on dropper size.

Ingredients: Catalysed oil of gold in carrier spirit (spirit of grape).


**Disclaimer: Any claims made about the psychological, spiritual or physical efficacy of these products come from traditional oral and written sources associated with the Western Hermetic tradition of the last 2000+ years, not from modern mainstream medicine or the scientific method. As such, the Temple of Mercury makes no guarantee that customers will experience any of the stated physical, psychological or spiritual effects these sources historically claim. The Temple of Mercury also takes no responsibility or liability for the consumption, oral or otherwise, use or misuse of any of its products. Alchemical medicines are not a substitute for the modern medical system and we recommend consulting a licensed physician before consuming any products, particularly in the case of pregnancy, nursing, infancy, pre-existing medical conditions or mental health issues. Furthermore our products are not sold to diagnose or treat medical conditions in any of these cases.

  • Testimonials**

    "Dear Ben, thank you or the Oil of Gold. It had a tangible effect when I took it daily. In fact I couldn't get enough of it! It felt like the sun was rising in my life, a life I was creating from scratch at the time. Empowering, energizing and uplifting. I felt a sense of courage to live my truth coming through strongly, and the support to make this happen. Highly recommended!"  - Rebecca.

    "The Oil of gold was fantastic. My partner felt such clarity and energy. I felt it working on clearing my emotional dross.  Thanks again!"  - Joejo.

    "I took one drop of the gold from Aug 7 to Sept 7. I felt more centered and able to stick with intentions thru completion."  - Anne.

    **Note: these are anecdotal claims. The Temple of Mercury makes no guarantees about physical, spiritual or psychological effects. See our disclaimer for more info.

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