Customised Planetary Talisman

Customised Planetary Talisman


One of a kind, crafted only for you or someone special to you: this is truly unique gift.  Constructed using a combination of magical and alchemical methods, talismans of this sort come from a marriage of traditional Hermetic magic and British witchcraft. 


Talismans and amulets are often confused.  With a talisman you can attract something magically to you, whilst an amulet generally acts as a ward against a particular energy.   As such, the particular energies consecrated into this talisman will be unique to the intended recipient and to their wish.  Thus, each talisman has a different appearance.   


The inner seal is created using a planetary kamea (magical square) to construct a sigil for the wish of the recipient.  The outer writing are the sacred god names for the required energy, as well as the corresponding archangel and order of angels in Theban script.  On the reverse side is the planetary sigil required to bring the wish to fruition.


The Process

Two things are needed to create the talisman.

1) The name of the recipient.

2) The intended purpose of the talisman: what is it needed for?


To create the talisman is a significant process involving not only the physical skill and art of the operator, but also calling on the astral energies of the stars and invoking them into the talisman at the correct time.  Finally, high ritual practice is performed to enhallow the talisman before it is shipped out.  The recipient can wear the talisman about their person, carry it with them in their wallet/purse or sleep with it under their pillow.  


Finally each recipient will also receive a magical verse to recite and a suggested incense they can pass their talisman through whenever they feel the need to connect more deeply to their talisman and their wish.


Made with a lot of love, care and effort, these are boutique items.

  • Technical Specifications

    Etching on brass. 

    Depending on the position of the stars and planets, creation of this product does take 1-2 months, so like with all good things, be prepared to wait!

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