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Soul of Venus (Oil of Copper, 5mls).

Soul of Venus (Oil of Copper, 5mls).


Venus - the lover, love, kindness, empathy.  This tincture is an alchemical "oil": an extract of the 'soul', colour, or medicinal properties of copper that contains no actual copper in it.  As such, it is not a copper colloid, where the metal is broken down into nanoparticles and suspended in a liquid. Rather, this is a complex organic extract of the metal itself utilising traditional methodology from the Western tradition of laboratory alchemy.


Hermetic correspondences and magickal images for the archetypal energy of copper are Netzach on the Tree of Life, the colour green, Friday, roses, ambergris, friendships and the dissolving of hostilities.  It's magical image is a beautiful naked woman bearing lillies and roses, accompanied by doves.


The oil of copper is an organic oil that is produced through the pyrolytic distillation of copper acetate. 


In Hermetic practice it is traditionally taken one drop per day with wine, or added to any drink (water, tea etc.). This 5ml bottle contains 30-60 drops, or 1-2 months dosage, depending on dropper size.


It should be stated for those who are unaware of alchemical methods that the "tinct" (soul/colour or profile of the metal) is extracted, but the metal itself is left behind. As such, there is no actual metal present in this spagyric, only the medicinal part of the metal is separated and catalysed into an oil.


Ingredients: oil of copper, carrier grape spirit.

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