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About the Temple

The Temple of Mercury Sigil

"Be Mercurial..."  These were the words spoken from a master to a pupil that encapsulated a journey: to have a mind that is like mercury, both a solid and a liquid.  A mind that can change shape, that can become anything, that can apprehend and resolve opposites. 


The Temple of Mercury was ritually consecrated on the 24th May, 2020 when the sun, moon and the planet mercury were all in Gemini (the star-sign astrologically ruled by Mercury).   

The Temple currently exists as three entities - one, a physical ritual space. Secondly, a college of learning accessible online or in person. Thirdly, as a supplier of boutique occult products. It follows in the footsteps of the western occult tradition by confecting alchemically prepared products, undertaking ritual magic (often combining the two) and teaching the Hermetic arts to the general public. It is only physically viewable through attending training on site, or virtually through the online school

The Temple was created to achieve two simple long-term aims. Firstly, to create a modern-day sanctuary for the Romano-Greco-Egyptian patron God of alchemy, Mercury. Secondly, with the divine assistance of this energy, to help usher in a new Renaissance of the Hermetic traditions: namely alchemy and ritual magic by providing training in these ancient arts to the general public. The Temple exists to reunite the two major streams of the Western Occult Tradition: lab alchemy and ritual magic.

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