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An Alchemy Course for the 21st Century!

Study Herbal Alchemy Today!
Learn to make your own herbal medicines: tinctures, essences, elixirs and much more from the Hermetic tradition of Spagy

Complete with videos, demonstrations, audio, documents, images and online support through Zoom. Until now, people who could not afford the money or time to travel and study alchemy in person with us were left with no option. Now with the online course, you can access it from anywhere in the world and work through it at your own pace!

This course has been developed through contact with authentic teachers and recognised sources in the Hermetic Tradition and thus, represents the true spiritual heritage of the West!

Hermes Tristmegistus

The Temple of Mercury Online Hermetic Herbal Alchemy Course Includes:

  • Seven video lecture lessons taking you through working with herbs. Video demonstrations of lab processes are included along with an overview of equipment, its assembly and use. Also discussed is spiritual alchemy and learning how to incorporate the Hermetic mysteries into modern life. Learn secret alchemical principles of transformation and healing. Take your holistic wellbeing into your own hands!

  • Video calls with your course instructor, where you can ask them any questions relating to your study. Don’t go through it alone and get help where you need it!

  • Supplementary course materials in mixed media including alchemical texts, images, fonts, a useful table of correspondences, alchemical meditation and much more…in short everything you need to help support your learning through the course.

  • Access to an online student forum where you can meet and talk to other students, upload pictures, files, videos and get support.

Course Structure

The course itself comprises of seven video lessons and can be taken in any order, though it is designed to be taken in sequence. Each video lesson is on the following content:


Lesson 1. It Began in Egypt: A History of Alchemy
This lesson examines the mythological, legendary and historical motifs in alchemy and helps you to connect with the Hermetic current. Learn about ancient Sumer, Egypt and how the Greek city of Alexandria became a hub in the ancient world for this revolutionary spiritual and practical system. You begin your alchemical journey here by orienting yourself to the Hermetic current and tapping into a long line of practitioners that stretches back to ancient Egypt.

Thoth Alchemy
Chrysopoea of Cleopatra

Lesson 2. All is One:  Theoretical Foundations of Alchemy
This lesson dives into the enigmatic world of secret alchemical symbols, motifs and Hermetic cosmology. You will learn about the hidden principles and secret signs that underlie alchemical philosophy, which will in turn drive your practice later in the lab. You will come to understand the sacred marriage, the four elements and how alchemists can facilitate change in the universe through utilising these spiritual and physical principles.

Lesson 3. The Wisdom of the Whole Universe: The Emerald Tablet
This lesson is devoted solely to discussing the ancient Emerald Tablet, the telesmatic text which outlines the whole work of alchemy in seven mysterious rubrics authored by Hermes Trismegistus. Join in this lesson to decode the enigmatic lines in this document and see how it contains a pattern that can be applied to any alchemical working and also to your life in general. How can you approach any difficult situation or inner conflict? By using the Emerald Formula contained in this lesson.

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Tristmegistus
Study herbal alchemy

Lesson 4. Basic Tincturing: The Easy Way
This lesson marks the first practical run through of working with herbs at home.  Crafting your first tincture is simple and done with easy-to-find objects in your home. Learn how to make your own spagyric remedies for health in body, soul and spirit! In this lesson you will also learn how to meditate and connect your consciousness with your tincture. Finally we will look at extra processes you can do to perfect your alchemical "child" - your first herbal tincture.

Lesson 5. Advanced Herbal Operations
In this lesson we take a deeper dive into herbs and the lab: we examine some of the equipment you can us to go further working in the vegetable (herbal) kingdom. We talk about the different bits of kit you will need, how to find them, how to put them together and of course how to use them! The operations that you cover in this lesson will be utilised in lesson 6 as you put all your skills to the test to start confecting some truly wonderous creations!

Study lab alchemy
Make alchemical tinctures

Lesson 6. Advanced Alchemical Formulas
This lesson provides step by step walkthroughs of many wonderful herbal formulas you can create with the equipment from lesson 5. S
ecret formulas of the alchemists are revealed here: learn how to make spagyric tinctures, essences, elixirs, the primum ens and the herbal magistery. In this lesson you will also learn how to make a special object that will coagulate your alchemical journey and consecrate it in physical reality - the herbal stone.

Lesson 7. Initiation – How to Integrate Alchemy into Your Life
In this final lesson we examine the traditional initiatic Hermetic path to wholeness and Oneness. We look at ways to incorporate everything you have learnt in the course so that your life can reveal itself as a living, breathing Stone of alchemy. Alchemical principles of healing are examined and how these apply to the Great Work of alchemy and to life in general. How does it look to live alchemically? This question and more will be answered.

Hermetic philosophy
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