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Director of the Temple

My name is Benjamin Turale, I am the Director of the Temple of Mercury. I’m not an immortal, I don’t have any special powers that other people don’t already have lying within them. But I have walked the Hermetic labyrinth and found an exit. I've done a lot of work to integrate and be at One with what I am, completing advanced studies in alchemy with recognised lineage holders in the Western Hermetic tradition and been certified by them as a teacher of alchemy. My work has received the Paracelsus Award for outstanding contributions to alchemy. Whether I'm crafting herbal tinctures, extracting metals, practising ceremonial magic or running workshops for the temple, every day I live and breathe the Hermetic current.​ 

I proudly serve on the Board of the International Alchemy Guild (a not-for-profit charity) as Director of Education and also work to organise events like the 2018 Alchemy Conference and the recent 2022 Alchemy Conference. I've also presented at several occult conferences internationally. I create projects where people from different branches of the western mysteries can come together and share in its rich spiritual tradition.  

I also worked for over 15 years as a transpersonal psychotherapist, counselling supervisor and university lecturer. I have been involved in teaching in one way or another since 2007. I am also a lifelong musician, having been initiated as a bard into the college of Ynis Witrin (Glastonbury, UK) in 2018. I have maintained a daily Buddhist meditation practice since 2007 and done several long retreat intensives.

Benjamin Turale

Benjamin Turale

Certified Teacher of Alchemy
International Alchemy Guild (IAG)

Guild Certified Alchemist
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