Director of the Temple

My name is Benjamin Turale, I am the Director of the Temple of Mercury.  I’m not an immortal, I don’t have any special powers that other people don’t already have lying within them.  But I have walked the Hermetic labyrinth and done a lot of work to integrate and be at One with what I am.  Whether I'm crafting herbal tinctures, extracting metals, practising ceremonial magic or running workshops for the temple, every day I live and breathe the Hermetic tradition.​ 

I also proudly serve on the Board of the International Alchemy Guild (a not-for-profit charity) as Director of Education and also work to organise events like the 2018 Alchemy Conference and the upcoming  2022 Alchemy Conference.  I give energy to projects where people from different branches of the western mysteries can come together and share in its rich spiritual tradition.  

In addition to these commitments I work part time as a transpersonal psychotherapist, counselling supervisor and university lecturer.  I have been involved in teaching in one way or another for over 15 years now.  I also enjoy electronic music production and spending time with my wife and my cat.

My alchemical lineage comes from studying with two primary teachers - the first being Robert Allen Bartlett (Spagyricus Institute) in the Frater Albertus lineage. The second teacher is Dr. Dennis William Hauck (Rosicruician FRC & past President of the International Alchemy Guild), through which I earned my Diploma of Alchemy and Hermetic Science - a program I later went on to teach. My lineage of ritual magic has a distinctly British flavour, drawing on the guidance of English sorcerer (and alchemist) Gary St. Michael Nottingham and the grimoire tradition.