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2 Day Herbal Spagyrics Course
Goldfields, Central Victoria, Australia

Please note: we are only taking expressions of interest currently for our next course. If you want to attend in future, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and return it to

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An hour in the lab with someone who knows what they are doing is worth many, if not literally hundreds of hours trawling over obscure alchemy books mostly written in decknamen (code), containing a mixture of truths, falsehoods and outright lies intended to deceive all but earnest seekers! And that's only books written by people who have actually done the work...many people write and talk about alchemy and Hermetic subjects but are lacking the practical experience that comes from a real teacher.


This course is a chance to get the hands-on demonstrations and practical experience. This workshop will be jam packed with working with herbs. Herbs are where every beginner starts in alchemy out of the three kingdoms animal, mineral, vegetable, because herbs are friendly - they tend to be easier to work with than other materials. You generally aren't going to have major accidents in the herbal kingdom resulting in death...unlike you would in the mineral and metallic kingdom if you don't have basic skills under your belt. Therefore a beginner starts with herbs and progresses later on to mineral and metallic work.


In this workshop attendees will learn the basics of Spagyrics - a word the great alchemist Paracelsus coined from two Greek words: spao "to draw out" and ageiro "to gather". Thus the practice is about drawing out the hidden essences of materials and gathering them together in a new, exalted, transmuted if you will, form. If spagyrics is done correctly, then true alchemy may take place in due process.


In plain speak, this workshop teaches you how to make your own powerful, exalted medicines and sacraments for your health, wellbeing and illumination that can also be used in magickal and/or theurgical settings. Learn how to confect holistic medicines such as a herbal tincture, essence, elixir, the primum ens, the herbal stone, magistery and more. No prior experience is required.

Delve into the Western esoteric tradition of laboratory alchemy & spagyrics with two days of intensive, hands-on training covering the separation, purification and Cohobation of herbs, the use of lab equipment and secret Hermetic philosophy.

This workshop is an in-person, hands-on version of our popular online course. Completion of the in-person training will enable student to participate in future training on animal, mineral and metallic alchemy.

Facilitated by a Benjamin Turale, a certified teacher from the International Alchemy Guild (find out more here). The venue is in Ballarat, easy access from Melbourne, only 1 hour 15 minutes on Vline train from Southern Cross station. 

To sign up, download the application form, and email it back to

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