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Soul of Luna (Oil of Silver, 5mls).

Soul of Luna (Oil of Silver, 5mls).


The moon - Artemis, the unconscious, magick, dreams.  This tincture is an alchemical "oil": an extract of the 'soul', colour, or medicinal properties of silver that contains no actual silver in it. As such, it is not a silver colloid, where the metal is broken down into nanoparticles and suspended in a liquid. Rather, this is a complex organic oil catalysed through a marriage of silver and a special menstruum (solvent) utilising traditional methodology from the Western tradition of laboratory alchemy. 


Hermetic correspondences and magickal images for the archetypal energy of silver are the moon, the scrying mirror, the chalice, Mondays, divination and psychic sensitivity, Yesod on the tree of life, the colour purple, water, emotions, the unconsicous, dreams and the psyche.  


Ingredients: catalysed oil of silver, diluted into carrier grape spirit.


**Disclaimer: The products sold on this website are not sold for the purpose of consumption but for historical and educational purposes only. Any claims made about the psychological, spiritual or physical efficacy of these products come from traditional oral and written sources associated with the Western Hermetic tradition of the last 2000+ years, not from modern mainstream medicine or the scientific method. As such, the Temple of Mercury makes no guarantee that customers will experience any of the stated physical, psychological or spiritual effects these sources historically claim.  The Temple of Mercury also takes no responsibility or liability for the consumption, oral or otherwise, use or misuse of any of its products. Alchemical medicines are not a substitute for the modern medical system and we recommend consulting a licensed physician before consuming any products, particularly in the case of pregnancy, nursing, infancy, pre-existing medical conditions or mental health issues. Furthermore our products are not sold to diagnose or treat medical conditions in any of these cases.

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