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Tincture of the Rosy Cross (Oils of Gold and Rose), 5mls.

Tincture of the Rosy Cross (Oils of Gold and Rose), 5mls.


Inspired by the famous Renaissance order of alchemists, the Rosicrucians, this tincture of the Rosy Cross is a marriage of oils of gold (the cross) and rose (the centre).


Traditionally seen as a medicine of the heart and vitality, gold is ruled by the Sun and as a medicine it embodies perfection on physical and spiritual levels. Gold represents the source of light that life comes from and which all living things are a condensation of.  Traditionally a vitality tincture, the oil of gold is technically an organic oil that is catalysed through a reaction between a special form of gold and an alchemical menstruum (solvent).


Rose, ruled by Venus, corresponds to unconditional love and aids with sadness, recovery, grief and insomnia, being calming and uplifting.


In Hermetic practice it is traditionally taken one drop per day with wine, or added to any drink (water, tea etc.). This 5ml bottle contains 30-60 drops, or 1-2 months dosage, depending on dropper size.


It should be stated for those who are unaware of alchemical methods that the "tinct" (soul/colour or profile of the metal) is extracted, but the metal itself is left behind. As such, there is no actual metal present in this spagyric, only the medicinal part of the metal is separated and catalysed into an oil.


Ingredients: Oils of gold and Rose, carrier grape spirit.

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